Over the past 23 years, the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) has been reaching out and uplifting the less-privileged with the support of our caring community. As Singapore marks its 50th birthday, CDAC is organising “A little from all, Together it’s more” event to further promote the spirit of caring and mutual support in the community.

One of the major activities of the event is to enhance the community spirit where public from all walks of life come together for the making of 50,000 Heart Knots. The making symbolises an act of love and kindness. The Heart Knots would be given as an encouragement, support and well wishes to our beneficiaries while the participants will also get to keep a token as a reminder to care for those in need.

Besides knot making, there will be performances by local artistes and programmes that cater to both young and old. Members of the public may also visit our booth to learn more about our assistance programmes and schemes.

“A little from all, Together it’s more”. Join us on 30 May and be part of this movement as everyone can contribute their part in creating a more caring society.






“一人一点心,社会更温馨” 每个人都能贡献一份心意和力量,5月30日与我们一同打造一个温馨社会!


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